Peaceful life at Duong Lam ancient village

After just one hour’s journey, visitors will be welcomed by Duong Lam ancient village with smiles of elderly people, a peaceful atmosphere, old roads, and many old-fashioned houses built hundreds of years ago. All the old houses embrace the Red River Delta’s architecture in the past. It is a pleasure to talk to old people there because they are willing to tell about their families and the history of their houses.

Besides, visitors can walk around the village to see Mia Pagoda and Mong Phu communal house, take photos of cattle, lotus ponds and banyan trees, and take a rest at a coffee shop. The rural life at Duong Lam made visitors forget about the cold weather and their busy working days.

Located in Son Tay District, some 40 kilometers from the center of the capital city, it is easy to reach Duong Lam by bus or taxi. Visitors can walk or hire a bicycle to explore the village in several hours and travel back to the city center on the same day. SGT

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